Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I keep my decorations classic and I try to use just three main colours in each room so it doesn't look too busy.

Dining room

I only use this room for Christmas dinner but the best Christmas tree is reserved for this room. The dark blue walls show off the white tree perfectly and it creates a fantastic backdrop for family photos during dinner.

All of the decorations are gold to match the table settings.

Theme - gold and white

Sitting room

This room is my winter sitting room due to the large fire. This room is less formal than some of our other rooms. I wanted the Christmas decorations to reflect that relaxed family atmosphere so I chose traditional wooden decorations and a green Christmas tree.

Theme - red and green

Front of house

A wreath for the front door is a must and I chose one with lights this year.

The icicle lights along the roofline light up the house beautifully accentuating the period features.